Coffee/Dining Table


As part of my job running the Fab Lab, I've come to learn a lot about CNC machines and CNC milling.

I've recently moved into a small apartment, and (thankfully!) I don't have much space. That means I don't really have room for a dining table. I spent some time eating on the couch with a plate in my lap, but this got old. Besides, how are you supposed to have someone over for dinner if you don't have an eating area where you can face each other?

While doing some shopping, I discovered the Kotatsu. I fell in love with the concept. First, it's Japanese, and I LOVE the Japanese aesthetic. It's a sitting table, with a heater and blanket. The idea is, you sit at the table, and cover your legs with the blanket, where it's warm and toasty inside.

I live in Florida and don't really need a heated table, but loved the idea.

So, I designed my table and cut it on the CNC mill in the lab. It took me 10 hours total to model the table, which included figuring out exactly how high I wanted it off the ground, and how big it should be. I wanted something big enough to be functional, but my space is tiny, remember? Once I had my design, the table took about 2 hours to cut and assemble, and 4 hours to finish with polyurethane. 

I've had my table for about 3 months, and love it. I designed it with a single, central leg, which means that there are no corner table legs to block human legs. But, it does get tippy -- I've almost dumped it while getting a bit too into my dinner.