Manny Rodriguez


I've moved permanently to Bozeman, Montana. I've been enjoying it so far! As a lifelong Floridian, It's a big change in scenery.

Being in a totally new city combined with having more time than usual (I haven't had a chance to fill up the calendar!) has given me space to work on personal organization projects and journaling.

I'm currently reading The Faithful Executioner by Joel Harrington, after listening to a recent episode of Dan Carlin's Hardcore History on capital punishment in medieval and Renaissance Europe. It's based on the journal of a 16th century hangman living in Nuremberg, Germany. I had many pre-conceived notions of what such a character might be like, and this book has dispatched many of them.


I'm spending time in Thailand, enjoying the food, co-working spaces, and motorbikes.

I'm learning about a digital repository system called ArchivesSpace for a new project.

I'm reading:

  • Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa (Thanks to Tim Ferriss & Jocko Willink!)
  • Animal Liberation by Peter Singer

I'm really enjoying Jordan Peterson's lecture series on Biblical stories.


I'm preparing to attend Rohatsu Sesshin in Dallas, Texas.

I'm listening to Mike Duncan's Revolutions podcast series on the French Revolution.

I'm reading: Molon Labe! by Boston T. Party.