Manny Rodriguez

Me in 10 seconds 

I'm into meditation and enjoy quiet and stillness. I'm a minimalist. 

I study martial arts. Kung fu balances out my clumsy side and tight hip flexors. 

I'm a computer geek. I practice back end web programming and sometimes even enjoy debugging. 

I'm into GTD. I'm a spontaneous planner!

I'm a gearhead. I love driving, wrenching on cars, watching old episodes of Top Gear, and sightseeing in junkyards.

I love being outside, and have recently discovered the joys of KOA campgrounds during road trips.

I'm an ISFJ on the MBTI, and a Libra. Most of the time.



I'm spending time in Thailand, enjoying the food, co-working spaces, and motorbikes.

I'm learning about a digital repository system called ArchivesSpace for a new project.

I'm reading:

- Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa (Thanks to Tim Ferriss & Jocko Willink!)

- Animal Liberation by Peter Singer

I'm really enjoying Jordan Peterson's lecture series on Biblical stories.


I'm preparing to attend Rohatsu Sesshin in Dallas, Texas.

I'm listening to Mike Duncan's Revolutions podcast series on the French Revolution. 

I'm reading: 

- Molon Labe! by Boston T. Party.